You Are Enough, Mama

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You Are Enough, Mama

I’ll never forget those days and nights when my newborn was inconsolable. He/she (bc it happened with both of my kids. I mean, do any babies not have these moments?) would be fed, burped, changed, and tended to in any way I could. They just wouldn’t stop crying. Some days there was too much background noise. Other days there was too little. Just when you feel like you’re settling into one routine, something happens and throws it all off. It’s hard on everyone.

I would hold my son, or daughter, and most of the time, I’d cry with them. I’d be so frustrated, overtired, and defeated. It felt like nothing I could do was right. Nothing was working, and it literally pained me to hear them cry. I felt so helpless, and like a terrible mom.

In the moment, it’s hard to take a step back and remember to breathe. Babies cry. This is not a reflection of you as a parent. They’re new to this world. They’re adjusting to feeling different temperatures, textures, hearing new sounds, seeing lights and colors. It’s a lot. And sometimes as people (because even adults get like this), even when all our needs are met, we just need to cry because we’re tired, or frustrated, or angry, or sad, or not really sure, but crying helps.

The point is… It could be anything. But, as long as your baby’s basic needs are met (they’re fed, clean, warm, burped…), just love them and cuddle them through this hard time. I know it doesn’t seem like you’re helping, but you are. Whether you’re talking to them softly, humming, rocking them, holding them, rubbing their back… whatever you do to support them, is enough.

And, if at any point you’ve reached your limit, you’re starting to feel angry, frustrated, or you just need a minute… put the baby in his/her crib, on their back, with nothing else in their crib, and take a minute. It’s ok. Your baby is safe in their crib. You need to make sure you take care of you, too. And as soon as you’re calm and good again, you go back in and hold and love on that baby, as much as you can.

You’ve got this!

Alexandra Fisher