Every Body Is Beautiful

The Mommy Confessions®

Every Body Is Beautiful

Everyone (except, maybe a narcissist) has SOMETHING they are insecure or dislike about themselves.

It could be something as basic as weight. Being too scrawny, or too chubby. Cellulite, a double chin, loose skin, rolls, flab, boney legs, stretch marks…

It could be something you’re born with. A birthmark, dimples, thick eyebrows, no eyebrows, a big forehead, a small forehead, the shape of your features, a missing ear, one “too many” fingers, freckles, skin pigmentation (or lack thereof), a deformity, or anything in between…

It could be something that happened later on. “Battle wounds”, I call them. Scars. Burns. Cuts. The results of an accident. Or, even a sickness. Surgeries. A tumor. The removal of a tumor. The removal of your breasts, a limb, or again…. anything in between.

I know it’s hard to remember sometimes, but…

Whatever your body looks like, it is beautiful and perfect!!!

Your mole, makes you, you. That scar, has a story. You are beYOUtifully, YOU!

Besides, what’s most important, look at what a beautiful human you are, where it counts- on the inside!!

Hold your head up high you beautiful, majestic being, you!

Alexandra Fisher