Your Moods Don’t Dictate Your Worth As A Mom

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Your Moods Don’t Dictate Your Worth As A Mom

You can make mistakes as a mom when you’re happy, excited, mentally and physically healthy. You can also have some of your most encouraging, tender, and wonderful moments when you are feeling sad, hopeless, angry, frustrated, and mentally or physically “unhealthy”.

Somewhere along the way we learned that being sad is “weak”. Being angry is “bad”. Feeling frustrated is “shameful”. Or, that our feelings/moods are something to feel negatively about. Everyone feels sadness, anger, happiness, and everything in between. That’s not the part that makes a “good” or “bad” parents.  What we do with those emotions- that’s what makes us or breaks us.

Every parent has moments where they’re feeling annoyed, tired, or simply “not yourself”. You say something you don’t mean. Or, you use a tone, you wish you hadn’t. It’s ok. BUT, when you realize you’ve done something wrong, apologize to your kids. Be accountable. Treat them, as you wish for them to treat you, when they realize they’ve made a similar mistake.

Teach your kids that feelings are safe. There are no bad feelings. It’s what you do with those feelings that makes all the difference. It’s ok to go into your room and yell, on the top of your lungs. Or, to hit and kick a pillow, as much as you want. However, what we don’t do is yell AT people, say mean things TO people, or physically hurt anyone/anything. There are ways to express our feelings and get them out, without hurting others, ourselves, or “things”.

Being sad doesn’t mean you’re weak. Being angry doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful. Being frustrated doesn’t mean you love your kids (or anyone) any less. Being tired doesn’t mean you’re lazy.

How you feel is simply a gauge for what’s going on, on the inside.

There are no “bad feelings”, just uncomfortable ones.

I think once we take the power, the shame, and the guilt out of feeling our emotions, the sooner we will be able to feel contentment with our selves and our worth, as moms/people.

You Are Stronger Than You Give Yourself Credit!

Alexandra Fisher