I Got Vaccinated!

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I Got Vaccinated!

I have never been so excited to get a shot, or be vaccinated, in my life.

I respect everyone’s choice and their opinions on this, but for me… this vaccine is a game changer.

This past year was hard on all of us. Personally, I couldn’t stop obsessing about this invisible and mysterious “thing” that “could be anywhere”, and if you caught it “could be nothing” or… “you could die”.

I couldn’t watch the news. There’s so much “fake news”, you don’t know what to believe, anymore. 

For me, this past year has been filled with a lot of anxiety and fear.

I experienced it like a wave.
There were moments, when there was no end in sight. I was a single mom, in quarantine, adjusting to life with 2 kids, healing from a complicated birth, and… I was really lonely.

Let’s be honest, I was terrified.

But, then I’d have good days, and I’d look back on the difficult times, and I’d be so proud of myself. I survived every single one of those grueling days.

Overall, 2020 was one of the most challenging years of my life.

I didn’t just need this shot for protection from covid-19, I needed it for my mental health. And, for what it’s worth, for anyone who’s wavering about it… just knowing I have this extra layer of protection against this virus, for me, has made a world of difference.

After a year of isolation, I honestly didn’t know how much more of this, I could take.

This shot is new, and I get people’s concerns. So, this is not a post about trying to convince anyone of anything. However, for me, I am SO grateful for my microchip. I mean, vaccine.

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Alexandra Fisher