Mommy Guilt & Baby Ear Piercings

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Mommy Guilt & Baby Ear Piercings

I got my daughter’s ears pierced, yesterday. I have to admit, I had a lot of feelings about it. And, what do I do when I get uncomfortable? I post about it, and “hope”/look for other people who might be feeling similarly.

I think it’s pretty clear, I’m all about “my body my choice”. At the same time, sometimes I, as an adult, have to make, what I believe to be, are the best decisions for my kids. Decisions they’re too young to make. For instance, my kids are vaccinated. In my opinion, vaccinations are the difference between life and death. *don’t @ me, this isn’t a vaccinations post… you are free to choose whatever you feel is best for you and your family.

However, things like ear piercing, are completely cosmetic and “personal preference”. Today, I chose to put holes in my daughter’s ears. She didn’t even cry for 10 seconds (literally), but it didn’t feel good. At 1, she doesn’t “want” her ears pierced. It’s not medically necessary…

I tried to think about the negatives. There’s very little risk. There’s very little discomfort. And, if she doesn’t want her ears pierced, later, she can remove them. Hopefully, she won’t hate me for the rest of her life for deforming her perfect little earlobes. At the same time…. OMG SHE LOOKS SO CUTE!!!

So yeah… I don’t know how I feel about what I did today. I “know”, in the end, it really doesn’t make a difference to her. I “know” she won’t actually be mad at me about this. I’m just like… “Wow! It’s amazing how hard these “little” decisions feel for us parents. The weight of being responsible for another human and making our own decisions for them… it’s tough.”

*I understand that this is a sensitive post, and people have lots of opinions and feelings about stuff like this. I have no problem with respectful discussion, but all hateful, mean, judgmental twat comments will be deleted. Yes, it’s sad that I made my baby cry for a minute today, but 1. It’s legal. 2. It’s a little earring, that she can remove at any time, if she so decides. The “scars” are two tiny dots. If she’s going to hate me and my decisions, it’s not going to be because I got her ears pierced…


Alexandra Fisher