You Are Good Enough, Even Through Your Struggles

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You Are Good Enough, Even Through Your Struggles

All day, I held it together. Well, the second everyone went to sleep, and I had a moment to myself, I fell apart. I started to feel like a “bad mom”, and then I realized- times are HARD. But, as much as I’m struggling, I was able to hold it together, ALL DAY.

My kids don’t know my struggle. They may see me “more irritable than usual”, or “not myself”. But, the truth is…

1. My kids are not afraid of me (if you never get angry/stern with your kids, you aren’t teaching them boundaries, rules… getting mad at your kids isn’t “bad”. It’s hurting your kids that’s bad.)
2. My kids feel loved (not, they are loved. They feel it.)
3. My kids feel important/valuable (kids don’t need to feel more important than the next person, but they need to feel AS important as the next person.)

I get angry, frustrated, irritable, and “not my best self”, and then I beat myself up about it. Ok, cool, do better tomorrow. But, as long as our kids feel 1,2, & 3, we’re doing a GREAT job, despite any struggles we may be facing.

Just like when our kids have a bad day, we don’t hate them- they don’t hate us for having a bad day, either. It happens to the best of us.

Give yourself some credit, mama! You’re doing great!!!

Alexandra Fisher