I’m Not The Best Mom, But I’m Far From The Worst Mom

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I’m Not The Best Mom, But I’m Far From The Worst Mom

One of my best friends, also a single mom, said to me, “I just wish all these moms would talk about how freaking hard this shit is, instead of posting fake pictures and making this look easy.” I am here to tell all the mamas having a hard time, “you are not alone. Parenting during a pandemic has been incredibly challenging, to say the least!”

Anyone doubting themselves as a parent right now, or using social media as the standard for how parents are surviving right now, remember, social media is a split second of a person’s life. We’re all struggling to survive right now. Some people prefer to share the “easy” or picture perfect glimpses into their life. That doesn’t mean it’s an accurate depiction of their life, or how they are as a parent.

Am I teaching my son academics while he’s out of school? No. I’m not a school teacher. Turns out, I’m not even remotely good at teaching. However, what I am teaching my son is how to adapt to unforeseen situations and circumstances. I’m teaching my kids how to try to make the best of a situation you don’t like. I’m teaching my kids that our family isn’t perfect, but together, we can get through anything. Perhaps most importantly, I am teaching my kids the art of prank.

Am I cooking healthy meals every night? Nope! Some nights I’m microwaving leftovers. Other nights we’re eating cereal for dinner. My favorite nights, we’re ordering in delivery.

The only schedule we’re keeping to in this household is, go to bed when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light out. And how do you know things are especially dire over here? Exercise (going for walks), is my me time gasp.

Are your children healthy? Are they fed? Do they smile? Then, you’re doing great!!!! We’re all out of our element- your kids included. We’re all doing what we can to survive. Now’s not the time to be critical of yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Give yourself a break. You may not feel like the best mom right now, but you sure as shit aren’t the worst mom, so kudos to you! 💖


Alexandra Fisher