It’s Ok To Struggle, & It’s Ok To Use Medication.

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It’s Ok To Struggle, & It’s Ok To Use Medication.

I was always ashamed to admit it, but now that we’re in a pandemic, I’m ready to share with the world, my truth… I’m not worried about running out of toilet paper, but I’m terrified of running out of Zoloft.

I didn’t know if the day would ever come that I would be willing to share this part of my life with my followers, but you know what? If I didn’t need medication before this pandemic, I sure as shit would need it now, and I want all my followers to know- if you need medication or therapy or whatever mental health resources, do not be ashamed to reach out and get them! There’s a lot of us out here who are surviving on Prozac (and such). As a matter of fact, there’s more of us out here on medications than you’d ever believe.

There’s this stigma that it’s not ok to struggle with your mental health. It’s so misunderstood. And, it’s not talked about enough. You are not weak if you get cancer, or seek treatment for your cancer. You are not weak if you have diabetes, or seek treatment for diabetes. In the same light, you are not weak for having depression, anxiety, or any other health issue, nor are you weak for seeking help for such. Anyone who judges you for taking care of any aspect of your health isn’t worth your energy.

For all those struggling, if you feel comfortable, 🙌🏼 raise your hands if you’re on medication or seeking help for your mental health. Let’s show each other that it’s ok to take of yourself, and that even though not everyone is comfortable talking about these things or sharing these aspects of themselves with the world, there are more of us on this same journey than not. You are strong for taking care of yourself, not weak. Perhaps most importantly, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 😘💖

Alexandra Fisher