On Teen Suicide

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On Teen Suicide

Here I am in high school. Looking at this picture, I see a beautiful teen, with a bright smile. From a photo alone, things look pretty “perfect”. However, behind closed doors, things were far from perfect.

Being a kid is harder than adults give credit. I was awkward, insecure, emotional and reactive. I had some good friends, but only felt 1 or 2 truly understood me, and accepted me for me, and my long list of flaws.

By this age, I was already throwing up occasional meals (by 18, I was 80lbs, and wearing clothes in a child’s age 8), or skipping meals all together. On some of the more difficult days, I’d cut myself with a razor I kept in the back of my Hello Kitty diary (just to show you what a baby I still was). Even worse, at a mere 14, I had already thought about suicide. “I didn’t want to die. I wanted the pain to end.”

These are parts of my past I don’t like to talk about. They’re not my proudest moments, by any means. I felt all alone. And, I was very misunderstood..

I will never forget the time a “friend” of mine, who knew my struggles, sent me an IM “I hope you go home and kill yourself. No one loves you anyway, and you know it.” .

Kids can be so mean to one another. They don’t understand the power of their words. They don’t actually mean what they’re saying and doing. To anyone struggling in childhood, as a teen, or an adult… when people hurt you, it’s not about you, it’s about them. You are beautiful! You are special! You are precious! You’re worth living for!!

If you’re feeling the depths of despair, tell someone. Ask for help. If you’re a kid, talk to your parents or a teacher. You deserve a happy life. You don’t have to just exist. You can actually LIVE.

Thank you @goal.cast and Jason Reid @choose_life_org for bringing awareness to SUCH an important issue.

Together, let’s eradicate teen suicide. Share your story, use #tellmystory, and become part of the solution.

Alexandra Fisher