Enjoy As Many Moments As Possible, However You Can

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Enjoy As Many Moments As Possible, However You Can

When someone says, “enjoy every moment”, it makes cringe.

The statement, in it of itself is impossible (and useless, to be honest).

However, I do agree that we should strive to enjoy as many moments as we possibly can. Or, make each moment as enjoyable as possible.

Sometimes, that looks like getting on the floor and playing with your kids for 5 minutes, or 2 hours. Other times, it looks like doing the dishes, so you can take a second “to think straight” (it’s not “me time”, but it is a break… at least, in my house it feels like one…)

There are moments that in order to “enjoy every moment”, you need to zone out completely and scroll social media, mindlessly.

As parents we’re the caregivers. The chefs, chauffeurs, nurses, therapists, tutors, teachers, role models, referees, accountants, personal assistants, housekeepers, law makers,  tailors, the butt wipers, AND the playmates. We are the most important people in our children’s lives. That’s why all of us parents are so “stressed about getting it right”. It goes to show the love we have for our kids, and shows that we don’t take our job lightly.

But, we are also people. We have needs. I love my children that much more, after I get a much needed break. We’re not the best parent to our kids when we’re burnt out, stressed, and overtired. In our hearts, we want to be everything for our kids, and we ARE. Even when we “zone out”, get a chance to go out alone, hide in the bathroom (we all do it), or hire a babysitter (@Netflix, take my money!).

Parents, taking care of yourself IS taking care of your kids.

Enjoy as many moments as possible.

However you can.

Judgment free.

You more than deserve it!

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