All About That Daddy Juice!!

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All About That Daddy Juice!!

I don’t like to use the term, “full siblings”, because that implies that adopted siblings, half siblings, step siblings… can’t be “full” siblings, as well. Whether I used the same sperm donor for both of my kids, has nothing to do with the authenticity of their relationship, or the bond between my children, as siblings. That being said, I did in fact use the same donor for both of my children.

As Oprah said, “biology is the least of what makes a mother (family member)”. If I had to use separate donors for my kids, I would’ve. No problem. BUT, I also knew I wanted to have multiple kids, from the start. So, when I finally settled on a donor, I bought a lot of sperm (a.k.a Daddy Juice).

So yeah, my kids are full siblings, but not only because they’re both my kids, and we’re a family, and therefore, “they’re full siblings”, but also because they happen to have the same Mommy, and the same Daddy Juice Donor.

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