Healing Generational Wounds

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Healing Generational Wounds

In my family, we have generations of kids (now grown), who are still hurting. We struggle with body issues, self esteem issues, and identity issues that started over 100 years ago. These absolutely horrible things that we think about ourselves, run as deep as our DNA. Sometimes, it feels like there’s no escaping it.

The people who have etched into my soul that I am ugly, fat, and flawed in so many ways, were told to believe the very same things about themselves.

This is the epitome of generational trauma. This is how abusive behaviors get passed on, through the generations, without anyone making any sort of change.

We’re striving for nothingness. There is no “top”. There is no “winning”. We’re all “broken”, in our own way.

Growing up, I remember my parents would say, “you think you have it bad? I was beat with a belt, or a wooden spoon.” As if that was the standard for good parenting. Just because it’s what you were taught, or how you were raised, doesn’t make it right.

What happened to us, sucked. What happened to them, sucked. At the very same time, nothing we go through as humans, gives us the right to continue to treat others badly.

Can we all promise ourselves, our kids, and each other that the violence, the hatred, the breaking one another down…. it ends here? It ends with us. We’re not “bad parents” (or people), we’re hurt parents (people). We don’t have to be perfect, but we need to do better.

I promise to do my part. One baby step at a time.

Happy Healing!

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