All Kids Really Need, Is Unconditional Love & Acceptance

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All Kids Really Need, Is Unconditional Love & Acceptance

A lot of us are so consumed with being “perfect parents”, that we’re missing the ball entirely.

At the end of the day, nothing matters more to a child, than feeling loved (not being loved, but really feeling it.)

You don’t have to play hide and seek, every day, to prove you love your kids.

Supporting them, and encouraging them, more than anyone else in the world; that’s love.

You don’t have to cook dinner, every night, to prove you love your kids.

Accepting them for who they are, entirely, their weirdness and quirkiness and all; that’s love.

You don’t have to be with your family, 24/7/365, to prove you love your kids.

Sometimes, showing our love as parents, is sitting on the couch, zoned out, looking over every so often to say, “wow! I love your tower.” Or, the ever so random “I love you!”

Other times, our love might show up as talking about all the nice/helpful/positive things your child has done that day. Or, saying family affirmations…

When we go out of our way to build our kids up, to make them feel special and cherished… that is the greatest gift we can give them.

Our kids don’t realize all the sacrifices we make (driving them everywhere, making sure they’re fed, housed, entertained, and safe… All. The. Time!). All the sleepless nights. All the worrying. All the hardships. The financial burdens… And, that’s great. They don’t need to have those worries. They’re kids. But, to them, they also don’t see those as ways we love them, either, bc it’s “beyond them”.

We need to show them in ways they can comprehend. And, we’re making it so much bigger and harder than it needs to be.

It can feel like we have to jump through all these picture perfect hoops, as parents to “show we love our kids”.

Dudes….. we need to chilllllllllll!!!!

👏🏽All 👏🏽We 👏🏽Have 👏🏽To 👏🏽Do 👏🏽Is 👏🏽Love 👏🏽And 👏🏽Encourage 👏🏽Our 👏🏽Kids 👏🏽Unconditionally 👏🏽And 👏🏽Entirely

💥 Boom💥 You’re A Great Parent!!!!
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*and by “dudes”, I mean “me”. I need to love my kids, and chill TF out. Point taken. 🙄

Alexandra Fisher