There Is No Good Reason To Hit Anyone, Let Alone Your Children

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There Is No Good Reason To Hit Anyone, Let Alone Your Children

I saw a comment on a post earlier, “if it doesn’t leave a mark, it’s not abuse.” (And then the person went on to state how it’s ok that she hits her kids, bc she never leaves a mark on them.)

I wholeheartedly believe this person loves their children. I also, wholeheartedly believe that this person is hurting their children, without even realizing it.

Just like your spouse or your boss doesn’t need to hit you, for you to get the point, your child doesn’t need to be hit to be taught, either.

Would you be ok with a teacher hitting your kids? A future partner? A neighbor? So, why would you, of all people, hit your child? You need to be their safe place.

By no means am I saying you can’t discipline your kids. I’m actually kind of a strict parent, tbh. I refuse to raise a-holes. At the same time, I don’t do anything to my kids, that I wouldn’t be ok with them saying or doing to me, or anyone else. Bc that’s what we do as parents… we SHOW our kids how to behave.

That’s why parenthood is so exhausting & frustrating. We’re always having to “be the role model”. “Be the bigger person”. “Be the grown up.” “Use our best judgment.”

But, that’s what we do as parents. Because we love our kids. And, even if it’s not how we were raised, we know better, now. It’s ok to admit that.

We deserve better. Our kids deserve better. And their kids deserve better.

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