You Can Love Your Baby & Hate Being Pregnant, At The Same Time

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You Can Love Your Baby & Hate Being Pregnant, At The Same Time

I was someone who wanted nothing more in life, than to have kids. And then, it took me a long time, and a lot of work to get pregnant (on my own). So, when I actually got pregnant, and didn’t enjoy every minute of it, I felt guilty.

During both of my pregnancies, I experienced hyperemesis gravida (really bad morning sickness that can last the whole pregnancy). I had a friend who got severe pain in her joints, from pregnancy. Another, had gestational diabetes, and couldn’t eat sugar or carbs, while she was pregnant. The point is… the end result (having a baby) is wonderful, but the 9+ months to get to the end, can be brutal.

Just because you don’t like growing another human in your abdomen (or/for whatever reason), doesn’t make you any less of a mom. Not everything about pregnancy, parenthood, or life, for that matter, is enjoyable. And, admitting that, doesn’t make you less of a parent, or mean you love your kids, any less.

So, here’s my truth about pregnancy…. I loved feeling my baby moving around in my belly. But, other than that, pregnancy pretty much sucked donkey balls. I mean, lezbehonest…

Don’t worry though, I still love my kids just as much as the mom who enjoyed every moment of being pregnant.

Your Experience Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of!
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