But, You Look So Pretty When…

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But, You Look So Pretty When…

My whole life I’ve been told, “you look so pretty when… you wear your hair down; your hair is long; you’re skinnier; you wear more feminine clothing; you wear makeup… blah, blah, blah….”

It’s one thing to say, “I love your hair long.” Or, “your straight hair is beautiful.” Even, “that hairstyle is very flattering.” But, it’s a whole other thing to say, “when you do ‘this’, you’re ‘that’.” Otherwise it’s a conditional compliment. And, for insecure people like myself, what we hear is, “when you don’t do ‘this’ you’re not (as) pretty”. Or, “you’re only pretty when you do ‘this’.”

We are all living creatures. We are beautiful, at our simplest form. When we add decorative fabrics, colors, or accessories, to our already incredible selves, we can enhance our beauty, individuality, and image. But, a purse, some makeup, jewelry, a fancy car, or hair length/color is the least of what makes up a person’s worth, or beauty.

I may look “my best” when I wear makeup, put on nice clothing, do my hair, have my nails done, and look “put together”. Sure! But, I FEEL my best when I’m living my authentic self, in my baggy t-shirts and men’s basketball shorts.

So, uh, yeah… I’ll just be over here, only half as pretty as “I could be”, but comfortable and… unapologetically, me… hoping that it inspires you to be unapologetically, you.

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