When I Speak My Truth, I Do It For Her

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When I Speak My Truth, I Do It For Her

Absolutely nothing against nudists, but I’m the opposite of a nudist. As a matter of fact, I sleep fully clothed, including a bra. I feel more “protected” that way.

But, I look back at photos before there was any trauma. Before I knew about fear. Or, shame. A time when I loved my body. Or, at least I didn’t hate it (yet). And, I envy my innocence from back then.

This free spirited, carefree, confident, little girl was robbed of her childhood, in a lot of ways. She was silenced, and told to live how (and as who) others wanted her to, rather than as her authentic self.

This meme isn’t about my wanting to ride a bike around my neighborhood topless (My neighbors are all…. 🙌🏽Oh, thank goodness🙌🏽). BUT, I do look back and desire the confidence, the freedom, and the no fucks given attitude that I once embodied. I mean, I had NO SHAME!

And then, things happened. I experienced life. I was a young girl in a very male dominated world. And, I was silenced. I was told who and what to be. My father’s famous line was, “children should be seen, and not heard.”

So, when I speak my truth, I’m doing it for HER!

Because, all children (all people), deserve to be loved, seen, heard, and safe (physically and emotionally). Whoever they are, however they are, in all their entirety.

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Alexandra Fisher