My Fight Against Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

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My Fight Against Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

How Postpartum Depression/Anxiety Has Affected Me

My postpartum depression scared me,
this past year

It told me lies,
like I’d never be able to fully bond with my kids

That, I’d never be enough,
or that they would be better off without me

It told me all the ways my kids were missing out,
by having me as their mom

It showed me everything I wasn’t,
and nothing that I was

I had waited my whole life,
to be lucky enough to be a mom

And, now that I had everything I ever dreamed of,
my mind wouldn’t let me enjoy it

Instead, it tormented me,
and laughed while I cried

This past year,
I was afraid, overwhelmed, and feeling so very alone

But, between my kids, my framily (friends who’ve become family, & family who are also friends), therapy, medication, and a lot of self compassion (at least, trying…)…
I beat it.

It certainly didn’t feel like success,
until moments like right now

I realize,
I win this fight, day after day, time after time

No matter how defeated you may feel,
If you’re alive, you’re winning, too!

Be gentle with yourself,
You’re doing great!

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Alexandra Fisher